Where JSD Excels

With many years of hands on experience in the digital and offset print industry, JSD has the foresight needed to overcome the many challenges of print that many other designers simply lack. Being hands on through the entire process, from design then to printing and finishing, JSD knows how to direct clients toward processes that can favour their budget, design or simply to produce a quality end product that the client is expecting.

Modern Design

With a clean, functional aesthetic and balanced layout JSD designs have a modern, clean style that won’t date quickly and provides a professional look for your brand.


At JSD, we feel that communication is key to great design and meeting client needs and expectations. We strive to maintain clear and honest dialogue with our clients.


Sometimes, good things take time, but JSD prides itself on efficient use of time and fast turnaround times for client projects. We’ll also keep you updated on how things are progressing.


JSD offers professional service and products at reasonable rates. With no extra charges for revisions, you can be safe in the knowledge that your project will be on time and on budget.


Sometimes our clients need a little direction in what may be required for their project to succeed. JSD, with years of hands on experience, will offer our insight and recommendations if our clients desire it.


JSD strives to create, not only the best designs, but also the happiest clients. We endeavour to leave our customers happy and satisfied with the end result. If you are not happy, then neither are we!